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Our Unique and Innovative FLOW Approach

We Don’t ‘Swim’…We FLOW 
Our swimming lessons approach learning “from the inside out”. So, our swim school teaches the “Fundamentals of Learning to be One With the Water and the World,” centering ease and awareness while implementing innovative instruction.

The “True Comfort” Approach 
Taking a cue from the cool and confident sea turtle, we recognize that fearful swimming—kicking and pulling in discomfort—is not necessarily empowered or safe swimming. Our goal is to get kids feeling comfortable in the water so that they can regulate their breathing, make efficient, intentional movements, and become strong, safe swimmers! We teach all of the important aquatics techniques, and we aid in skill building from a place of:

  • Body Awareness
  • Breath Awareness
  • Calm Body

This achieves “True Comfort” in the water!

Individualized 10-Minute Lessons 
Since our founding in 2004 we’ve continuously fine-tuned our approach, discovering that kids benefit from customized lessons and short, repeated positive experiences in the water. The individualized 10-minute private swimming lesson format includes perks that longer group lessons can’t offer:

  • Personalized swim lesson plans
  • Specialized instruction based on learning style
  • Undivided attention from the aquatics instructor
  • Limited distractions
  • Faster skill building timeline

Year Round Classes

Our Children’s Year-Round Program provides lessons once a week, year round.

Summer Intensives

Empower your child to establish comfort in the water this summer! Registration for Summer 2024 is open