CELEBRATING Elliot Potts – Becoming ‘One with the Water.’

We wanted to celebrate Elliot Potts!!  This amazing young lady has had a long journey with water and overcoming her fears.  Elliot started with us almost 4 years ago and it’s been such a pleasure to watch her FLOW journey and grow as a “turtle in training.”

We are pleased to announce she has graduated from “training status” and has now completed her FLOW journey.

We felt her mothers words would best convey her long journey and the perseverance it took to overcome her fears.

A Mother’s Story

We have a swimmer!  

Elliot started swimming lessons at 4 years old and unfortunately had an event occur that resulted in her being incredibly fearful of the water.  She enjoyed baths and the pool but didn’t want even a drop of water on her face.

As parents we waited with hopes she would grow out of it. Seeing the conflict Elliot felt in the water we started to explore our options for swimming lessons once again. FLOW came recommended by two friends and so we pursued it.

We had our interview and shared Elliot’s past experience as well as her fear of water on her face.  FLOW’s approach to the water and confidence in being able to help Elliot overcome her fear was just what we needed to start Elliot in private lessons.

Coach Aimee’s calm yet encouraging approach kept Elliot in the pool. Coach Aimee worked through Elliot’s tearful refusal with a consistent message of trying is all that is expected.  As Elliot made progress FLOW recommended Elliot start group lessons.

This was another milestone for Elliot as multiple kids means multiple splashing opportunities. As the weeks passed the tears reduced and smiles and laughter were shared. That said Elliot still had reservations at certain skills and yet her coach met her with guidance and instruction to work through the fear.  

Elliot had a number of awesome coaches, all with different styles, but consistent in safety efforts and effective ways to push Elliot toward her next skill. Elliot’s lessons with Coach Kathy are forever in our hearts. To see the joy on Coach Kathy’s face when Elliot passed a skill cannot be described but it undoubtedly motivated Elliot to try harder and gave us all complete confidence in our commitment to FLOW.  

Thanks again for all you and your team did for Elliot.  I look forward to our paths crossing again.”

CONGRATULATIONS ELLIOT!  We are proud to officially proclaim you a “Turtle.”