Parent’s Corner

Make Up Policy

To qualify for a make-up lesson, you must provide cancellation notice at least 48 business hours prior to your child’s absence. If you do not notify us within 48 business hours, you forfeit the right to a make-up lesson for that absence.

Notification of your child’s absence can be given to us in-person, by phone (208-855-2212 Opt 4),  email (Attendance Email), or by submitting the Report an Absence Form below.

Make-up lessons expire in 3 months from their issue date. Make-ups can only be redeemed if student is currently enrolled and active in a session.

If there is an appropriate opening, you will be accommodated for a make-up.

FLOW Aquatics has a one-strike rule: If you miss your scheduled make up lesson, you have forfeited your right for a make-up lesson.

To Request a Make Up:

1)  View the Available Make Up Classes on the Current Make Up List. 

The Current Make Up List, located at the bottom of this page, consists of the available openings for the next 5 business days. This list is updated in real time, Monday- Saturday, during regular business hours.

2) To locate an open class, follow the directions below

a)   Find the correct “School”

  • Diaper Dolphin Classes:  RED
  • Diaper Dolphin Transitional Classes: RED
  • Swim School Classes:    YELLOW
  • Stroke School Classes:  BLUE
  • Swim Team Classes:     ORANGE

b)    Look for the appropriate age range of the class:

  • DD(Baby’s): Ages 3 months – 3 yrs
  • DD Transitional (Graduates from Diaper Dolphin Classes): Ages 2.5 yrs – 3.5 yrs
  • PS(Preschool):  Ages 3 yrs-5yrs
  • SA (School Age):  Ages 6 yrs -12+

c)   Find the correct class.

Swim School:

  • STAGE 1: Trusting Turtles (Bracelet: Teal)
  • STAGE 2: Balancing Belugas (Bracelet: Blue-Navy)
  • STAGE 3: Propelling Penguins (Bracelet: Purple)
  • STAGE 4: Rotating Rays (Bracelet: Red-Cranberry)
  • STAGE 5: Swimming Sea Dragons (Bracelet: Sienna-Orange)

Stroke School:

  • STAGE 6:  Flowing Freestylers (Bracelet: White)
  • STAGE 7: Blazing Backstrokers (Bracelet: Red)
  • STAGE 8: Fabulous Flyers (Bracelet: Yellow)
  • STAGE 9: Brilliant Breaststrokers (Bracelet: Blue)
  • STAGE 10: Impressive IMers (Bracelet:  Green)
    • Please note:
      • Some classes may be a combination/2 level class. (As long as your child has a skill band that is the same color as one of the levels, you can request a make up in the class. However, your request will be reviewed to ensure it will be a proper fit for the class and you will receive an email confirming or denying your request).

3)  Once you have located an open class that works for your time and schedule:

COPY and PASTE the Class from the spreadsheet and use the Form below it to submit your make-up request.

4)   To increase the response time to your request, we suggest you submit your request during our regular office hours, 24 hours before your selected make up class begins (see below).  If you submit your request outside of these days and times, there will be a delay in getting a response to your request, but your request will be logged in the order it came in and we will respond as soon as we get back to the office.

Normal Office Hours:

Mon:  9am-11am and 3:30pm-7:30pm

Tues:  9am-11am and 3:30pm-7:30pm

Wed: 3:30pm-7:30pm

Thurs: 9am-11am and 3:30pm-7:00pm

Sat:  9am-12pm

To Request a Make Up, please locate a class that fits your needs from the spreadsheet above and fill out the form below.

Here is what you need to know BEFORE you register:

Open Swims are for FLOW Aquatics clients’ IMMEDIATE family only please.  It is $1.50 per person to swim.

For now, we are only allowing one hour of swim time per family. However, if you would like to swim for more than 1 hour, upon registration you can opt to be put on a waitlist. If space is available, we will allow you to stay in. PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged $1.50 per person for the extra hour.


  • If you do not see an Open Swim listed on the Calendar, click over to the next month.
  • Select your time preference (note: this will only take you to the login page, you will still have to register via the Customer Portal)
  • When the Registration page comes up, select: “Already a customer? Click here to Login”
  • Or you can log into your customer portal via this link: Customer Portal
    • or use our FLOW Aquatics app, Click My Account, then Events
    • or go to the FLOW Website. In the upper right hand corner,  click on the Blue Half circle that says Login
  • Once logged in: Click on the Event Registration tab (2nd from the end).
  • Click on the”Event Calendar button in the top left corner.
  • Select your time preference.
  • Fill out the registration form, most of it will be pre-filled by the system.
    • Select the children who will be participating.
    • IMPORTANT:  All participants (parents and non FLOW siblings) need to be added as STUDENTS.
      • To do this: Click on Add a Student and fill out the appropriate information.
    • Answer the questions
    • Read and check off on the agreements
    • Enter your full name and click submit


You will receive a confirmation email and we will see you at Open Swim!!

Curious about how your child is progressing? Fill out the form below!

See Upcoming Events toda the turtle swimming

Hours & Important Numbers

Business Hours:

AM: 8:30am - 11:30am (Only Mon, Tues, Thur)
PM: 3:30pm - 8:00pm (Only Mon - Thur)
Saturday: 8:30am - 12:30pm
Closed Friday & Sunday

Main Office:

Phone: 208-855-2212
Email: admin@flowaquatics.com

Front Desk at Pool:

Phone: 208-855-2212 (Dial: 5065#)
During Business Hours Only


Phone: 208-855-2212 (Dial 2#, 1#)
Email: attendance@flowaquatics.com

Make Up:

Phone: 208-855-2212 (Dial 2#, 2# )
Email: attendance@flowaquatics.com


Phone: 208-855-2212 (Dial 2#, 3#)
Email: billing@flowaquatics.com