Helping Each Other Help Others – Holiday Fundraiser

HELPING EACH OTHER, HELP OTHERS By creating opportunities to help each other, we can make a bigger impact helping others!!   This year we are banding together with fellow businesses within our FLOW Family and raffling off some incredible prizes for our Holiday Fundraiser, in support of: Boise’s Got Faith is local to the Treasure […]

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Teaching a Calm Body

In today’s world, our schedules are sometimes very full. Children are often moving at a fast pace when they arrive at swim lessons and it may be difficult for them to slow down, focus, and feel what their bodies are doing in the water. PAUSING AND NOTICING With this in mind, we begin lessons by […]

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What is True Comfort in the Water?

We’ve always had a saying, some kids are “cats” in the water. Some are “dogs.” Easy to see the difference. However, just because a child enjoys the water, is not afraid of it, and/or can swim from point A to point B, does not mean they are truly “comfortable.” We are not saying children cannot […]

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CELEBRATING Elliot Potts – Becoming ‘One with the Water.’

We wanted to celebrate Elliot Potts!!  This amazing young lady has had a long journey with water and overcoming her fears.  Elliot started with us almost 4 years ago and it’s been such a pleasure to watch her FLOW journey and grow as a “turtle in training.” We are pleased to announce she has graduated […]

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Let PASSION Shine — Exemplified

For the last 3 months, the FLOW team has been on a values journey, delving into what values make us “FLOW” and what they look like in the form of behaviors. We use stories to help depict our values and wanted to share Coach Shannon’s story on what it means in relation to our value […]

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Why the Turtle Represents the FLOW Way…

In our opinion, the turtle is a majestic animal representing the balance between life on land and in the water.   Revered for its ability to live many years, the turtle is considered wise to the ways of the world. It helps maintain balance of elements of the earth, enabling peace and harmony. It symbolizes: […]

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A Gift of Happiness for FLOW’s 15th birthday

For FLOW’s 15th birthday we bought ourselves a gift:  A gift of Delivering Happiness! Back in January, we brought in amazing coaches from Delivering Happiness. They helped us devise a game plan for improving our already awesome culture and implementing even more happiness. For the next 5 months, we are working to develop a better […]

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Exciting News! FLOW is adopting Semi-Private Format

Over the years we have grown and adapted our program as our learning has matured. We are always looking for new and better ways to teach your children, keeping their best interest at heart. Starting in January 2018, we embarked on a new journey.  In our Swim and Stroke School programs, we began experimenting with […]

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NO ONE will watch your kids like YOU will

Too often we hear stories of drowning happening in our communities; recently we had the opportunity to hear from a parent about her story and her water safety message. “Simply watch your kids. The alternative to not watching them just isn’t worth it.” Here is her story. She wrote it in response to reading an article […]

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Be Safe this Holiday Weekend

Happy summer, FLOWers! You may remember that back in May we held a campaign to raise awareness about water safety. We planned a number of activities in conjunction with National Water Safety Month, but it is important to realize that education about water safety should not be confined to one month; it should be recognized […]

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