Summer Lesson Policies


LESSON/CLASS TIMES:  Classes are held four times a week (Monday – Thursday) for a 2 week session. All lessons are semi-private 15 minute lessons.

REGISTRATION:  Your child will only be registered for one two week (4 days a week) summer session at time.   They will not be automatically enrolled in the next session.   If you wish to put your child in another summer session, we must know in advance so we can plan accordingly as we fill future sessions.  Class times may not stay the same from session to session.

PAYMENT: The entire $112 tuition fee per child per session is due upon registration in each session. All payments will be pulled from the credit or debit card on file at the time of registration.

REFUND POLICY: Refunds are given up until 2 weeks prior to the start of the session in which your child is enrolled. If notification is given later than 2 weeks prior to the session start date a credit (minus a $25 processing fee) will be issued to apply to a future session.  There are no prorated credits for missed classes. Please try to attend scheduled classes.

MAKE-UP POLICY:  There are no make-ups during the summer sessions.  We understand you cannot control illness.  However, we do not have the space or time to allow for make-ups.  Please do your best to attend all classes.

SWIM DIAPERS:  All children who are not potty trained must wear a REUSABLE swim diaper. DISPOSABLE SWIM DIAPERS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Your child will not be allowed in the pool unless wearing a permissible swim diaper. Swim Diapers have to fit snuggly around baby’s legs. For your convenience, swim diapers are for sale at FLOW Aquatics desk. If your child is the cause of a fecal accident and was not wearing the appropriate swim diaper, FLOW Aquatics will hold you accountable for the clean up costs and any revenue lost due to lessons cancellation.

SWIMSUIT POLICY: It is not required, but we recommend a simple one piece suit for girls and jammers (for boys) – similar to spandex shorts, but in swim suit material. These suits are designed to shed water and will make the learning process much easier. Many “fashion suits” for girls, or “trunks” for boys, can retain up to 5 pounds of water when wet, making it hard for your child to learn-to-swim.

GOGGLES:  We do not use goggles for children in the first 3 stages of our Swim School program, as we do not want children to become reliant on them for water safety purposes.  After Stage 3, goggles are optional, but are very helpful. We recommend using goggles with children ages 3 and up.  If your child is in Stage 3 or below, please wait until your child’s coach tells you its time to use goggles.  They will recommend which goggles will fit your child best.  We have specially selected goggles for their comfort and fit that are available for purchase at the FLOW Aquatics Desk.

HAIR/CAP POLICY: Children with shoulder-length hair must wear their hair tied back to keep it from getting in their face during their lesson.  Another option is to wear a swim cap, which are also available for sale at check-in.

SWIMMER WAITING AREA/ON-DECK POLICY: Please enter pool through doors on the right side of the pool.  Please allow your child to enter the pool area no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the start of lessons. Swimmers should wait on the benches in the pool area near the number assigned to their class. Parents are not permitted on deck.  Please ask your child not to run.  The deck can get SLIPPERY!  Please do not let children who are not currently scheduled to swim in the pool.  Pool time/space is only reserved for the lesson.

SHOWER POLICY:  Instructors will help your child shower at the start of their class.  YOUR CHILD IS REQUIRED TO SHOWER PRIOR TO GETTING IN THE POOL.  It helps prevent the very dangerous crypto micro-organism as well as helps reduce body oils, lotions and other organic matter that cause chloramines to build up in the pool.  Please bring your own towel. There are towel hooks located next to the pool entrance.

WATER WATCHERS:  Due to the semi-private format, it is easier for the coaches to keep their eyes on the children and we are no longer requiring parents to Water Watch.  However, this does not mean you cannot go out on deck. In fact, we encourage parents to come in and sit in the chairs in front of your child’s lesson to listen and observe. However, we do ask that only 1 child’s parent(s) come in at a time. If both sets of parents want to watch, we encourage you to reach out to the other parent to see if you can rotate days, so it is equitable for everyone. However, please refrain from sitting on the white benches in front of the windows as it blocks other parent’s view from the sitting area outside the pool.

QUESTIONS:  If you have any concerns about your child’s lesson, please direct them towards the Deck Supervisor.  If you cannot locate a Deck Supervisor, please let the FLOW Aquatics front desk staff know and they will ensure the Deck Supervisor calls or emails ASAP. Please do not interrupt the coach during class time. This time needs to be devoted to your children.