Welcome to FLOW Aquatics!

Enhance your relaxation and comfort in the water.

Since 2004, FLOW Aquatics Swim School has shared the fundamentals of swimming with both beginners and experts.

While our innovative techniques are highly acclaimed by industry experts, we do more than simply offer swimming lessons. Our mission is to teach children of all ages—even babies—the Fundamentals of Learning to become One with the Water, and truly bring out the swimmer within.

Join us and experience the joy and freedom swimming can bring.

six children in swimming suits gathered at edge of pool at Flow Aquatics Swim School

New Rewards Program!


Students and Parents alike love our rewards program! They receive points for passing swim levels, great effort, volunteering, following us on social media, leaving us reviews, and more!

Prizes can be redeemed for gift cards at dozens of restaurants, stores, and entertainment venues! It’s so much fun for everyone!

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Lessons Update:

No lessons December 22nd - January 5th. Lessons resume on January 6th.


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